If you hit a hole in one, on a mulligan, does it count?

Picture this: you're at brunch, swapping stories of golfing glory with friends. As you sip your mimosa, you recount the tale of your latest round. On the green, one shot away from glory, you take your swing—and miss. But fear not, for the mulligan beckons! You seize the opportunity, take another shot, and voilà! The golf ball sails into the hole, a hole-in-one... sort of.

The question looms: does it count? Purists argue that a mulligan undermines the integrity of the game, like using training wheels on a bike race. Yet, who can resist the allure of a miraculous shot, even if it comes with an asterisk?

In the end, whether to celebrate or keep quiet about a mulligan hole-in-one is a golfer's personal dilemma. So, amidst the brunch banter, embrace the mulligan, embrace the mayhem, and above all, embrace the joy of the game, golf ball quirks and all.